the hopes and the haps: about this blog

Welcome to the hopeful and potentially ill-advised blog of a Would-Be-Self-Fancying-Writer.

Well. No, that title makes me sound like I would like to fancy myself, but haven’t found the time. What I mean is: I would like to fancy myself a writer, but due to production constraints (i.e., not having written anything) I can’t quite do that. So this blog is my attempt to get cracking, not in order to get published or recognized, but in order to practice and record what will hopefully reveal itself to be progress. I also hope to find, in various musings on various subjects, something that I honestly enjoy writing about; a subject I can explore and that will yield me some good stuff as a result of that exploration. Maybe I’ll stumble upon something about which I’ll be passionate, and maybe that’ll guide me down the elusive path to good, interesting, passionate writing.

Or maybe I’ll write open letters to annoying neighbors.

Maybe a little of Column A, a little of Column B.

I don’t exactly know what to expect myself, but if you stick around, I hope we both enjoy it.




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